A number considerably above the average

To achieve a million once may be regarded as good fortune; to do so twice looks like carefulness, skill, enthusiasm, and dedication.

We’ve been working on the US Arctic logbooks since July 2012, and in that time we’ve rescued one million weather observations (actually 1,081,641 as of March 11th). That’s an awesome achievement – even more awesome than it seems at first, as a single weather observation is a complex object containing a lot of information. Our 1,081,641 observations comprise:

  • 960,221 air pressures,
  • 2,782,755 temperatures (950,351 dry-bulb, 765,270 wet-bulb, 597,556 barometer and 469,578 sea),
  • 1,020,223 present weather codes,
  • 1,049,692 wind directions,
  • 1,019,268 wind forces,
  • 864,586 cloud fractions, and
  • 846,859 cloud types.

To record all that, we’ve typed 21,511,795 characters – about 20 times the length of a typical novel.

However you look at it, that’s a tremendous achievement.

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