oldWeather produces two main groups of results: weather observations and historical records.

Weather observations:

Anyone doing research on historical climate wants to use all the available observations, not just those from one source. So we are adding the observations produced by oldWeather to the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere DataSet (ICOADS) where they will be preserved indefinitely and provided to anyone who wants to use them.

The observations need to be provided in a standard and consistent format. The appropriate format for historical marine weather observations is International Maritime Meterological Observation (IMMA) format and we are providing our observations as IMMA records (IMMA software: 1,2). Anyone may download and use the observations for any purpose, please give credit to the oldWeather project wherever appropriate. Your use of the records is entirely at your own risk. We make no warranty, representation or guarantee that the data is error free or fit for your intended use.

Original oldWeather – WW1 Royal Navy records

Transcription for the original oldWeather is complete, but we still have some quality control to do before we are satisfied with the finished observations, so the current versions are preliminary. A version of these observations was included in ICOADS release 3 but we have updated the observations since then to add additional position and date information, and other quality improvements, so the best version of the records is here.

RN WW1 observations.

oldWeather Arctic – US records from arctic voyages

Transcription for these ships is ongoing, but preliminary records for some of the ships are already available for use. These preliminary records were included in ICOADS release 3.

US Arctic observations.

Historical records:

The events transcribed from the logbooks are being edited into histories for each ship, and can be found on

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