Remember the Royal Navy

The naval history side of Old Weather is making tremendous progress. Our original set of logs covered Royal Navy warships and auxiliaries of the World War 1 era, a total of 317 ships of all types. We completed the transcription of these last year, but a dedicated group of volunteer editors are developing our transcriptions into full ship histories. Of these, 264 are formatted and online, 115 have been edited and a further 30 are being edited, which means we are close to editing 50 percent of the total. Bear in mind that some of the files are up to 4Mb in size, over 400 pages, and you will realise how much effort the editors are putting in, and of a standard that to my mind is simply professional.

Another way of looking at the scale of our work on the WW1 RN logs, is that of all the major British warships and auxiliaries – capital ships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, monitors, armed merchant cruisers – that served outside British waters from 1914 to 1918, the logs cover some 70 percent of movements.

Normally the RN ships are listed by name or by type, but the following list – still in preparation, gives some idea of just how much of World War 1 at sea outside British waters is covered including major campaigns, battles and actions, as well as the run up to War and after the armistice.

To my mind, of particular importance are the China Station ships (I imagine of great interest to modern Chinese historians), the patrols of the many armed merchant cruisers and their subsequent convoy escort duties in the WW1 equivalent of the 1939-45 Battle of the Atlantic, and the ships taking part in the various interventions against the Russian Bolsheviks in North Russia, the Baltic, Black Sea and Siberia in 1918-19.


Pre-World War 1

British Isles waters,
English Channel Fleet

Canopus, Crescent

West and Central

Cornwall. Hermione

Cape Station


South America



Blenheim, Cornwall, Vindictive (1), Weymouth

East Indies Station,
including Persian Gulf

Dartmouth, Fox

China Station

Bramble, Cadmus, Kennet, Merlin (1), Otter, Ribble, Rosario, Thistle (1), Usk, Welland, Yarmouth


Pyramus, Psyche, Sealark

Delivery of Australian
submarines AE.1 and 2 to Australia

Eclipse, Sydney (RAN)

World War 1


Grand Fleet, including
Harwich Force, North Sea sweeps, Norwegian convoys, shake-down cruises etc

Acacia, Achilles, Albemarle, Canterbury, Commonwealth, Devonshire, Inconstant, Invincible, Leviathan, Phaeton, Princess Royal, Renown, Warrior (1), Weymouth, Yarmouth

Battle of Heligoland
Bight, 28 Aug 1914


Battle of Dogger Bank,
24 Jan 1915

Princess Royal

10th Cruiser Squadron,
Northern Patrol, old cruisers


10th CS, Armed Merchant

Alcantara, Almanzora, Alsatian, Andes, Arlanza, Artois, Avenger, Changuinola, Columbella, Dryad, India, Kildonan Castle, Mantua, Motagua, Orcoma, Orotava, Orvieto, Otway, Patuca, Patia, Teutonic, Victorian, Virginian; believed to include trawler Tenby Castle

11th CS, Irish waters

Minerva, Venus

British waters,
including Dover Patrol (German destroyer raid), Auxiliary Patrol, convoy
escort, guardship

Amazon, Atalanta, Attack, Attentive, Jupiter, Parramatta, Sapphire, Tenby Castle, Thistle (2)

Zeebrugge Raid


Minelaying, British


Kite Balloon ship


Single ship action v
Leopard 1917



Arctic/North Russia

Acacia, Albemarle, Arlanza, Attentive, Cochrane, Cockchafer, Glory, Jupiter, Teutonic, Vindictive (1)


North America &
West Indies Station

Achilles, Antrim, Bristol, Cochrane, Cumberland, Devonshire, Drake, Glory, Leviathan, Laurentic, Princess Royal, Warrior (2) (during flu epidemic), Weymouth

North Atlantic convoys

Achilles, Almanzora, Alsatian, Andes, Antrim, Arlanza, Artois, Bayano, Carrigan Head, Cochrane, Columbella, Cornwall, Coronado, Cumberland, Devonshire, Drake, Kildonan Castle, Knight Templar, Lepanto, Leviathan, Naneric, Orama, Orcoma, Orvieto, Otranto, Patuca, Teutonic, Victorian, Virginian

Halifax explosion, 6
Dec 1917

Highflyer, Knight Templar,

Central and
Mid-Atlantic patrols, later convoy escort, incl Canaries, Cape Verdes, Sierra

Almanzora, Argonaut, Avenger, Britannia, Canopus, Celtic, Cornwall, Empress of Britain, Kent, Kildonan Castle, Mantua, Marmora, Minerva, Motagua, Ophir, Orama, Orotava, Otranto, Patia, Victorian

West Coast of Africa,
incl. German Cameroons campaign

Astraea, Laurentic, Rinaldo, Thistle (1)

SE coast of America
Station, incl. South Atlantic patrols and later, convoy escort

Africa, Bristol, Britannia, Canopus, Celtic, Dartmouth, Kent, Orama, Orvieto, Otranto, Vindictive (1)

German South West
Africa campaign


Battle of the
Falklands, 8 Dec 1914

Bristol, (Canopus), Carnarvon, Cornwall, Glasgow, Inflexible, Invincible, Kent, Macedonia


Mediterranean, incl.
convoy escort

Acacia, Africa, Bacchus, Blenheim, Bristol, Empress, Exmouth, Euryalus, Glory, Jupiter, Kennet, Mantis, Minerva, Raven II, Ribble, Sapphire, Usk, Welland, Wonganella

Adriatic Force and
Italian Fleet

Bristol, Britannia, Sapphire

Aegean, incl
Dardanelles and Gallipoli

Albion, Amethyst, Ark Royal, Bacchus, Ben-My-Chree, Blenheim, Canopus, Colne, Chatham, Dartmouth, Empress, Euryalus, Glory, Goliath, Grafton, Hibernia, Implacable, Inflexible, Jed, Kennet, Minerva, Phaeton, Pyramus, Ribble, Sapphire, Usk, Vengeance, Welland

Egyptian waters

Empress, Venus

Defence of Suez Canal,
to 4 Feb

Clio, Himalaya, Minerva, Proserpine, Swiftsure


East Indies Station,
incl Palestine campaign, Persian Gulf , German East Africa campaign, Indian
Ocean escort

Aphis, Astraea, Ben-My-Chree, Bramble, Cadmus, Cornwall, Dartmouth, Enterprise, Exmouth, Euryalus, Fox, Jupiter, Kent, Laurentic, Manica, Mantis, Mersey, Minerva, Northbrook, Odin, Ophir, Pyramus, Raven II, Rinaldo, Sapphire, Severn, Thistle (1), Trent, Venus, Weymouth,

Single ship action v

Mersey, Severn

Mesopotamian Campaign

Mantis, Odin,


China Station

Bee, Cadmus, Cornwall, Euryalus, Kennet, Kinsha, Laurentic, Ophir, Otter, Rosario, TB.37, Teal,, Thistle (1), Usk, Venus, Virago, Welland, Whiting, Woodcock, Woodlark

Pacific, incl SW
Pacific and coast of Americas

Algerine, Kent, Ophir, Orama, Otranto, Pyramus, Una (RAN)

Battle of Coronel

Glasgow, Otranto


Major ship damage or
sinking reported in logs

Albemarle, Knight Templar, Motagua, Orama

Logs covering most or
all World War 1 Service

Ark Royal, Bayano, Bramble, Carrigan Head, Coronado, Knight Templar,


Repatriating POWs


British Isles waters or
in dock

Calliope, Caradoc, Erebus, Foyle, Weymouth, Yarmouth

Russian Intervention:

North Russian
Expeditionary Force

Bacchus, Cicala, Cockchafer, Cricket, Erebus, Glowworm, M.23, M.24, M.25, M.31, M.33, Mantis

Baltic Sea

Calypso, Caradoc, Dauntless, Delhi, Dragon, Empress, Erebus, Fortol, Vindictive (2)

Black Sea

Ark Royal, Canterbury, M.29,



Rumania/Danube River

Aphis, Severn

Atlantic Fleet

Barham, Coventry, Delhi, Dragon, Malaya, Valiant, Warspite

North America &
West Indies Station

Calcutta (including assistance to wrecked cruiser
Cornwall, Dauntless, Fortol, Mutine

South America Station

Bristol, Dartmouth, Petersfield, Southampton

West Africa

Astraea, Thistle (1)

African Station

Birmingham, Dublin, Lowestoft

including Aegean

Canterbury, Merlin (1)

Somaliland Campaign

Ark Royal

East Indies Station,
incl Persian Gulf

Ark Royal, Bramble, Cairo, Caroline, Iroquois, Mantis, Merlin (1), Moth, Odin, Rapidol, Yarmouth

China Station, incl
Yangste River

Alacrity, Bee, Cadmus, Cairo, Carlisle, Cicala, Cockchafer, Cricket, Diomede, Hawkins, Hollyhock, Iroquois, Kent, Kinsha, Magnolia, Mantis, Merlin (1), Moth, Petersfield, Scarab, Tarantula, Teal, Titania, Virago, Whiting, Woodcock, Woodlark


Una (RAN)

Round-the-World Tours
(or in part) or Voyages

Malaya, New Zealand, Renown, Temeraire (as training ship), Warrego (RAN)

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