There she blows!

We’ve spotted the first signs of new ships on oldWeather. We are partnering with the New Bedford Whaling Museum to read and transcribe their collection of whaling ship logs. Whalers are not just historically important and interesting, their hunting grounds were well into the Arctic, so we’re hoping to get some particularly good sea-ice records from these logs.

These new logs look quite different to the government ship logs we are used to – they don’t have a uniform page structure with tables of data – so we are adding them in their own separate section, and the way to mark the page and enter data is a bit different. Please have a look at the new logs, and experiment with the new interface – it will take a while to get used to, but help and advice is available, as always, through the forum.

We are also adding one other new thing: a way to add our own value to individual log images. We’ve always concentrated on transcribing the contents of the logs, but up to now we have not had a good way to add our own comments to them: or mark interesting pages, or flag mistakes made by the log-keeper, or tag pages to make groups. We are adding the ‘Talk’ system (as featured on other Zooniverse projects) to oldWeather to let us do this, and I’m really looking forward to what we can do with it.

If you like the old oldWeather, don’t worry, it’s still there as before, but now we have the added opportunity of oldWeather-whaling.

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