International Archives Day

Today, 9th June, is International Archives Day, where archives around the world unite to celebrate their remarkable resources by sharing an iconic image from their collection. oldWeather is no archive, but we certainly do appreciate them, and we aim to add value to their collections through our transcription work.

So here’s an image in which we saw some special value – this is from the collection of the UK National Archives: The logbook of HMS Tarantula, from August 1920. Thanks to generations of archivists for preserving these records for use today; without their skill and dedication this record, and all the others from which we have learned so much, would have been lost forever.

Logbook of HMS Tarantula, August 1920

On Sunday 29th Aug. aneroid was compared with Standard Mercurial in HMS Carlisle and found to be reading 0.26 ins. too low. An examination of the aneroid showed it to contain an ants’ nest and be otherwise defective. This aneroid is being surveyed and until a new one is received the Captain’s private Baragraph will be used. This barograph was corrected on 29th August.

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