DIY for digital humanists

oldWeather is, of course, a science project. Or at least mostly science. Or … OK, we do lots of things, plenty of science, but also work on history, archives, data visualisation, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, motivation, and much else. In fact, we are something of a poster child for the young research field of digital humanities.

If you are a researcher interested in the digital humanities, you might want to come to this year’s Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School. In particular, Victoria Van Hyning, one of our friends from the Zooniverse is running a workshop on Crowdsourcing for Academic, Library and Museum Environments where participants will learn how to build their own citizen science projects, using the same Zooniverse technology that’s being used for developing oldWeather.

oldWeather has proved both fun and productive for almost everyone involved (very hard work, too, of course), so I’m keen to encourage other such projects. Try it – there must be many fascinating object collections that would benefit from examination by several hundred eyes.

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