A daughter: weatherdetective.net.au

If you look at weatherdetective.net.au you might get a feeling of deja-vu – a sense that you’ve seen something similar before.

oldWeather is not yet four, a bit young to be having children. But that’s four internet years, so maybe it’s time: We’ve contributed DNA to plenty of other projects, but Weather Detective is our first direct descendant.

As with all children it’s a separate person – with its own science team, volunteer community, logbooks, and interface. They are friends, but they will be doing things differently from us (and we’re not too old to learn from their approach).

Congratulations to Christa Pudmenzky, USQ, ABC, and all involved. We wish you fair winds and a following sea.

Update: September 2014 – They’ve released their first batch of results (data, visualisation).

3 responses to “A daughter: weatherdetective.net.au”

  1. Yvan Dutil says :

    Exciting! I am just wondering when will be the cutoff date for the 20CR team. I known they have made experiments with the ISPD version 3.3.8 last year. Obviously, it is advantageous for them to wait as long as possible as data rescue activities are enriching the observation database.

    • Philip says :

      Like the data rescue work, updates to reanalyses go on all the time. It will take a little while to get the Weather Detective observations into the likes of ISPD, so they won’t be in the currently-running operational reanalysis updates, but they will start being used in tests and experiments almost as soon as they are ready.

      • Yvan Dutil says :

        By the way, do you know why the next version of the 20CR will be named version 2c instead of version 3 until now? Also, when can we expect to see it relased?

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