New crew members at has been a core partner since the very start of oldWeather: That’s where we publish all the historical events we find in the logbooks – these are being carefully edited into ship histories (UK and US) by a team of volunteers. is also run by a group of dedicated (and expert) amateurs, and adding the vast quantity of new material we are transcribing is a lot of work. Some of our volunteer editors have taken on the additional responsibility for this, and Gordon (who runs has added them to his crew:

  • Navigator Maikel prepares and publishes completed RN and US ship histories. In addition, he has published a large backlog of RN ship histories that were waiting for the addition of corrected navigation data and Journey Plotter maps (Maikel built the Journey Plotter program in his spare time), and published new US logs ready for editing. Not only that; he has created individual pages for the ships in the overhauled US index, and made many behind the scenes improvements, such as redirection pages and improvements to the RN index page.
  • Paymaster Janet sends out transcribed logs for editing and receives the completed edits in return. She checks them for style and obvious errors before making them available for Maikel to publish on the Naval-History website. She also keeps track of the status of all available logs – waiting to be edited, being edited, complete and published, or awaiting publication or updates; she also keeps record of which logs have been reserved by which editors. Janet also has checked the new US ship files for errors and supplied missing service histories.
  • Leading Stoker Howard does a lot of background work. He converts oldWeather’s plain text transcription files into the formatted Word files that Janet sends to the editors. He also creates many Journey Plotter maps for those editors who request his help. He corrects or adds latitudes/longitudes as necessary that allow Journey Plotter to produce maps – both of the ship’s full voyage and of more detailed sub-sections. Leading Stoker is his choice of rank; he keeps the fires burning.
  • Leading Telegraphist/Writer Caro advertises, using Naval-History’s accounts, new and updated ship histories on the social media, getting the word out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. She also rewrites important sections of text for the Naval-History site and supplies artwork on occasion. She created the new logo for that is starting to appear on the site and in social media.

2 responses to “New crew members at”

  1. Gordon Smith says :

    And a great job they’re doing. Thank you. gordon

    • Malcolm Blenkinsopp says :

      L O Gordon,

      If mistakes are found how can they be fed back for up-dating the site.
      The site is excellent and I would like to help to ensure it is correct.

      Rgds Aye
      Ret Submariner

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