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All the ports and named places located by the project.

All the ports and named places located by the project.

Working on oldWeather is a pretty wide-ranging education: we’ve got weather and climate, history, naval and maritime operations – and, it turns out, a sizeable chunk of geography as well. The logs are thorough in recording the ship locations, but they sometimes think that it’s enough to mention that they’ve sighted Qeqertarsuup Tunua, or anchored off Changqingshaxiang. To follow along, and to map the ships and use their observations, we have to turn those mentions into latitudes and longitudes.

This is another area where human ingenuity and effort are vital, and it’s another job we are doing well: The section on the forum dedicated to geographical help has yielded another project output – a database of port and place locations which is valuable not just to us, but also to other researchers trying to find out where their ships are.

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