Ship Histories: 120 and counting.

We have transcribed the log books of over 300 Royal Navy warships of the World War 1-era; looking at over 1,000,000 pages. As well as the weather data, what happened to all the naval information that was carefully recorded? The answer is a growing number of ship histories – some fully edited, some being edited, and even more formatted ready for editing. The result is a wealth of historical naval information that has probably never been available in such profusion. That is a contribution which will earn the thanks of thousands of naval historians and family genealogists world-wide.

Nearly 120 sets of logs are now online – listed by name and by type below. Ships in bold have been edited, ships in bold italics are being edited, and the remainder have only been formatted. The remaining 180 plus are going online over the next few months. If the ship you have worked on is not here, it soon should be. If you would like to edit your favourite ship just email me: Gordon Smith of Naval-History.Net

By Name

Acacia, Achilles, Albemarle,, Albion,, Alcantara, Alert, Almanzora, Alsatian, Ambrose, Amethyst, (Parts 1/2 edited), Amphitrite, Arlanza, Artois, Attack, Avenger, Avoca, (Parts 1/2 edited), Bacchante, Bayano, Bee, Birmingham, Cadmus, Calcutta, Calliope, Carlisle, Carmania, Caronia, Carrigan Head, Celtic, Challenger, Cicala, City of London, Cochrane, Columbella, Comus, Coronado, Crescent, Dartmouth, Dauntless, Defence, Digby, Dragon, Dublin, Duke of Edinburgh, Eclipse, Empress of Britain, Endymion, Eskimo, Espiegle, Falmouth, Fame, Fearless, Fox, Foxglove, Gibraltar, Gloucester, Gnat, Goliath, Hampshire, Highflyer, Hollyhock, Humber, Inflexible, Invincible, Kennet, Kildonan Castle, Kinfauns Castle, King Alfred, Knight Templar,, Laconia, Laurentic, Lepanto, Lowestoft, M.23, M.24,, M.25, M.29, M.31, M.33, Magnolia, Malaya, Mantua, Merlin (1), Merlin (2), Minotaur, Moldavia, Moorhen, Morea, Moth, Mutine, Nairana, Naneric, New Zealand, Newcastle, Odin, (Parts 1/2 edited), Otter, Otway, Parramatta, Pegasus, Pelorus, Petersfield, Phaeton, Rapidol, Sandpiper, Saxon, Sealark, Shearwater, Snipe, Southampton, Sutlej, Sydney (RAN), Teal, Torch (1), Torch (2), Una, (RAN), Warrego (RAN), Widgeon, Wonganella, Yarmouth

By Type

Battleships – Albemarle, Albion, Goliath, Malaya

Battlecruisers – Inflexible, Invincible, New Zealand

Monitors- Humber, M.23, M.24, M.25, M.29, M.31, M.33

Armoured Cruisers – Achilles, Bacchante, Cochrane, Defence, Duke of Edinburgh, Hampshire, King Alfred, Minotaur, Sutlej

Old 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Cruisers – Amethyst, Amphitrite, Challenger, Crescent, Eclipse, Endymion, Gibraltar, Highflyer, Pelorus,

Light and Scout Cruisers – Birmingham, Calliope, Calcutta, Carlisle, Comus, Dartmouth, Dauntless, Dragon, Dublin, Falmouth, Fearless, Gloucester, Lowestoft, Newcastle, Phaeton, Southampton, Sydney (RAN), Yarmouth

Seaplane Carriers – Nairana, Pegasus

Destroyers – Attack, Fame, Kennet, Otter,, Torch (2), Warrego (RAN)

Convoy and Minesweeping Sloops – Acacia, Foxglove, Hollyhock, Magnolia

Old Sloops – Alert, Cadmus, Espiegle, Merlin (1), Mutine, Odin, Shearwater, Torch (1), Una, (RAN)

Survey Vessel – Sealark

Minesweeper – Petersfield

River Gunboats – Bee, Cicala, Gnat, Moorhen, Moth, Sandpiper, Snipe, Teal, Widgeon

Armed Merchant Cruisers – Alcantara, Almanzora, Alsatian, Ambrose, Arlanza, Artois, Avenger, Avoca, Carmania, Caronia, Celtic, City of London, Columbella, Digby, Empress of Britain, Eskimo, Kildonan Castle, Kinfauns Castle, Laconia, Laurentic, Mantua, Moldavia, Otway

Commissioned Escort Ships – Bayano, Carrigan Head, Coronado, Knight Templar, Lepanto, Naneric

Submarine decoy or Q-ship – Wonganella

Trawlers – Merlin (2), Parramatta, Saxon

Oiler – Rapidol

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  1. Anne Marie Vickers Quin says :

    What an extraordinary achievement! I’d love to volunteer for such a project. Let me know if you need assistance.

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