An excellent series of new logbooks

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve published another instalment in the ongoing series of Royal Navy logbooks on oldWeather. For those keeping count, this is batch four of oldWeather phase two, and the unifying theme of this group of books is that the ships travel far from home indeed – these are voyages that include operations in the Pacific.
There’s the usual range of ships to choose from, from the Battlecruisers Renown and Repulse, to the Torpedo Boats and Gunboats doing inshore work in China; all of them helping to map the climate of an ocean that was named for its good weather, but does not always live up to its name.
We expect these logbooks to describe operations in the Pacific, but of course we won’t really know what they are up to (and where) until we’ve read them. So expect a Surprise – even if you don’t earn a Post as Captain, maybe you’ll read of a voyage past Mauritius, or Desolation Island, or encounter some strange Fortune of War on the way to the Far Side of the World.

One response to “An excellent series of new logbooks”

  1. studentforever says :

    I’m sure the geography will get more interesting once war has been declared but so far 19% of my torpedo boat logs and I haven’t left the south coast of England – I’m supposed to be off to China sometime in the future.

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