Old weather at 50%

Hey guys

We are so excited that old weather has hit 50%. We thank you for all your help and to give you an idea of how much you are helping climate scientists we thought we would make a plot of all your weather transcriptions so far. You might remember the visualization that Philip created a while ago showing the FOG OF IGNORANCE,  our lack of knowledge about the history of the climate:

Reconstructed weather for March 8th 1918. Colours mark sea-level pressure (red high, blue low), black arrows give surface wind speed and direction. Foggy areas are where we can't say what's happening because we haven't (yet) got any observations.

Well compare that to this map of all your weather classifications! Each point represents a new valuable piece of information about the climate entered by the old weather community. We are really helping to fill in those gaps! Keep up the great work!

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3 responses to “Old weather at 50%”

  1. Janet Jaguar says :

    Cool! It’s nice to see our work making such clear and pretty pictures. 🙂

  2. Caro says :

    Thanks Stuart. Much appreciated. 😀

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