HMS Invincible: In Her Own Words


For Day 12 of the Zooniverse Advent Calendar I have created this image of a Royal Navy ship built up of the words from the HMS Invincible logs – captained by Zooniverse user clibby34. This is something we’ve been playing around – the idea of using the text from logs in interesting ways – with for Old Weather and we’d love your feedback on it. In the meantime you have a great image to play about with.

You can download the large version (16 megapixels) or the small version (4 megapixels).

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2 responses to “HMS Invincible: In Her Own Words”

  1. Els says :

    Okay, maybe I’m biased, but this picture is amazing ! 😀

  2. Gordon Smith says :

    I’ve played around with Wordle as a way of conveying the main features of, for example, a ship’s history. This one is particularly impressive. Thanks

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